Present-day infrastructure is a visual representation of the creative minds of building engineers and technologists. Creativity with technology makes a deadly combination. New infrastructure demands the use of innovative techniques in urban development. These techniques are crucial to both constructing a building and its maintenance as well. Sewers and drains hold a significant importance concerning building hygiene and maintenance. Properly installed and well-maintained drains prevent the spread of water-borne diseases and wastewater transport to its destination without flooding. Clotted drains, damage, and leakage are hard to detect and manage. This is particularly true in long distanced and underground pipes. Life-time sewer and Drain is well known for being equipped with modern equipment . Lifetime sewer and Drain addresses identifying the source of clogged drains using the technology of drain camera inspections as an initial step to inspect and identify the source of needed repairs without requiring the trouble of digging.

● Drain camera inspection:

Drain cameras are one of the present-day technology inventions that has enabled plumbing and maintenance service to be completed easier. The drain camera inspection is a method to examine or scrutinize the problems linked with underground or inaccessible plumbing. It consists of a tiny high-resolution camera annexed to the distal end of a flexible snake-like rod, the near end of which is connected to a monitoring device.

● How does it work?

The camera with the flexible pipe is lodged into the drain and monitored by the experts. Any blockage, damage, or leakage in the drain can be detected on the screen, allowing the technicians and plumbers to determine the condition of the drains and then suggesting a plan of action to fix the issue. The exact location of drain damage or blockage above the ground is judged by either infrared techniques or by the length of the drain camera pipe, which it has traversed inside. The point is then marked on the ground surface, and another inspection is scheduled after the initial damage is sorted out.

● Why drain camera inspection?

Constructing a building based on modern-day infrastructure necessitates using the latest technology for its maintenance and repair. The modern plumbing system is underground and lies veiled behind the walls. These modern designed systems are visually pleasing , however they cause more work when isolating and identifying . Drain camera inspection comes to rescue these problems because,

• It is a digital way to access the problem. The camera brings about the digital image or video of the drainpipe, allowing visualization to be easy and straightforward.

• The long robotic pipe of the camera is flexible, therefore it can bend and flex according to the joints in the drains and pipelines.

• Fast and accurate: drain camera inspection is a modern-day technology that allows quick inspection of the drain and tracks down the exact location of the damages and obstructions. Drain camera locating eliminates guessing and predicting the problem by furnishing a defined location and cause.

• Beforehand spotting significant issues: a thorough inspection with a drain camera lets you be aware ahead of time of the more significant problems. This camera has built-in high resolution and can detect even minor problems in the drainage system. Therefore it can save you from the potential enormous problems erupting in advance.

• Finds for accidentally flushed items: sometimes valuable items like small jewelry pieces, coins or keys, etc. flush down accidentally into the drain. These items can be located through drain camera inspections. Drain camera inspection allows looking for the location of these lost items. It not only detects congestion but helps in fetching unconsciously flushed items.

Specialties of drain cameras:

Apart from the benefits as mentioned earlier of inspection through drain camera, the camera itself has many specialties:

• Professional sewer and drain cameras come with a powerful penetrating light at the camera end of the rod. This allows for the formation of a brighter image inside the drains.

• The camera has a high resolution and various options like video recording, image capturing, pan and zoom, etc.

• Another feature is autofocus and auto leveling of the drain cameras. The camera always stays in an upright position and is auto-leveled according to the slope of the pipe or drain, thus giving a clear and accurate view.

• These cameras are equipped with transmitters most of the time. These transmitters release a particular wavelength and frequency of rays at the point of obstruction or damage and then can be detected above the ground by a signal detector.

A penny saved is a penny earned. Drainage inspection is vital to the smooth flow of wastewater. Inspection through drain cameras is a straightforward and time-saving strategy to look for drainage issues provided by Lifetime sewer and Drain with its efficient and professional service technicians. Lifetime sewer and drain has the best drain inspection cameras equipped with the latest technology to provide you with the most accurate and effective solutions.

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