To keep your house in good serviceable condition is a never ending task . It takes continuous investment to keep all the things functional in your home and as they should be. In most cases, homeowners pay attention to the most glaring and evident issues that arise in their home, However many people ignore the unseen issues of the home such as, fixing of pipes, drainage system, etc. These issues continue to grow unaddressed until the homeowner realizes there is a problem resulting in much more costly and extensive repairs needed. One of the leading issues in home maintenance is the blockage of the drainage system.

The clogged drain not only hurts your home but also harms the health of the people in that home. If you’re ever entangled in a clogged drain problematic scenario, and the clogged drain happens, immediately call Lifetime sewer and drain for a speedy and , and long-lasting solution. Our experts in plumbing are accessible 24/7 to mend your clogged drain. Whatever your drain issue is, Lifetime, sewer and drain has the ability to identify and fix the issue(s) quickly and correctly.

Why Drain clogging Occurs?

● Hair:

Hair is a regular benefactor in clogs. Hair shed and clogging can occur when taking a shower, washing clothes and even from lavatory drain. It becomes more problematic when mixed with other substances like grease and soap and sticks within the drainage pipes. A largely common cause of clogged drains is due to hair blockage.

● Soap:

People may be astonished to learn that soap is also one of the main culprits behind the blockage of drain pipes. Particularly while taking a bath and washing clothes, the pipes’ diameters narrow and contribute towards the blockage. Conventional bars of soaps are constructed with grease or with fat. The fat(s) present in the soap mixes with other multiple substances and leaves behind remains that cause the blockage.

● Dirt:

One common problem when washing clothes and other items is when you try to get rid of excessive dirt, it creates the problem of pipe blockage. Try to remove excessive dirt and mud from your clothes and body before taking a bath.

● Tiny items:

The small items may find their way towards our drainage and may cause damage to the drain. Only bathroom tissues and human waste should go through the toilet. Tiny elements can get stuck in drainage if the opening is unprotected. If their outer elements have found their way into your drainage pipe, you will immediately have to make a call to the experts.

● Cotton wool bud and feminine items:

Another common cause of clogged blockage in drain lines are feminine products, which should not be thrown in the toilets or any other piping system because it causes a complete blockage of the drainage. Tampons, once they soak up moisture, expand or enlarge ten times their normal size. Feminine items and cotton wool buds do not quickly break down into pieces or liquefy.

How to clear the clogged drain

● Use of boil water:

One of the simple and cheaper ways of opening a clogged drain is to use boiled water.. Put water on the fire and boil the water for a few minutes; when the water gets hot, take a mug and pour a little water into the drain. If the result is not satisfactory, pour the whole kettle into the clogged drain. If the clog is still present, let the water cool down. Put a little salt down the drain and again pour the kettle of hot water down the drain.

● Baking soda and vinegar:

Baking soda and vinegar are also everyday household items that can be used for clogged drain line cleaning. Pour a handsome quantity of hot water in the clogged drain, and also put some baking soda and vinegar in the clogged drain. cover the pipe with a knob if you have one. Pour some more hot water in the drain to make it clear. Due to the solid chemical reaction of the Baking Soda and vinegar this helps in clearing a clogged drain.

● Wire hanger:

Wire hanger is a different option to use in attempting to clear the clogged drain. Make a hook on the end of the wire, and you can use the hook to open the clogged drain. This primitive trick can many times help with removing the blockage and opening the pipe.


Lifetime sewer and drain will immediately come to your site and expertly identify the reason for your clog and solve it. Our team has the benefit of using the industry’s most cutting edge tools to mend your clogged drain. It doesn’t matter whether your problem is small or enormous, domestic or commercial, Lifetime, sewer and drain will solve your problem quickly and correctly while providing excellent customer service !

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