As a homeowner, maintaining a home/building is an incredible task and essential to keeping your significant investment safe. Particularly when it comes to your piping connection, faucets hold an indispensable state in piping connections. A split faucet is only the tip of the iceberg of the many issues that can plague one’s plumbing system for years to come.

A dripping faucet is an irritating thing due to the trickling sound of water and the mess that the water drop splash creates. This non-stop water dripping is annoying and adds more to the water bills unless you fix them correctly. Several companies are present to provide a solution to leaky fauces ; however Life sewer and drain provides excellent services with their plumbing expertise and fixes the leaky faucets and showers in no time.

Causes of Leaky faucet

Faucets come in a variety of shapes and types like Cartridge, compression, ball, and disc. Lifetime Sewer and Drain has identified leaky faucets because of:

• Improper installation/ fixture of washers:

Leaky faucets could be due to improperly installed washers or inappropriate washers that do not fit properly and leads to water dripping. Washers produce friction inside the faucet whenever you open or close it. Lifetime sewer and drains has professional technicians to properly install right-sized washers and restore the leaky faucets.

• Problems in O-Rings:

A. rings are made up of rubber attached to a stem screw which keeps the faucet’s handle in place. O-rings can wear out and deteriorate with time and can be the integral cause of water leakage. Frequent rotation of the stem damages the O-ring and results in water dripping from the base spout of the faucet every time it is opened. Cartridge faucets usually have this problem because of worn out or loose O-ring.

• Corroded valve seat:

The valve seat joins the spout and the faucet in the compression types of taps. It is made up of metal and usually gets corroded because of the water sediments and deposition of minerals in the water. Lifetime sewer and Drain Company properly cleans valves to remove all the rust. Our professionals do galvanization of the valve seats to prevent corrosion.


Effects of leaky faucets

• Wasted water:

Astonishingly, a faucet that drips out a thousand drops a day wastes one liter of water in a day. Our skilled and master services are here to ensure that leaky faucets aren’t increasing your water bill and negatively affecting the environment.

• Rust:

Alloy and wetness don’t get along in most of the occurrences. If you have an alloy system and it is ecpoed to immoderate moisture, it quickly damages the area inside and outside of the metal piping. Interior metal the steel pipelines can get rusty and can block the channels and cause the colognes of the wall. Lifetime sewer and Drains uses anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials and techniques to avoid rust issues developing in your pipes.

• Decay/rot:

Uninterrupted dripping of water from the leaking faucet can cause issues and may damage the adjoining area. Floors, cabinets, doors, and walls are vulnerable to the attack. It may begin to warp, breach and also cause a heavy rot.

• Mold:

Mold can quickly breed inside your home if you have a leaking faucet. Mold spots look not only unattractive but can also be harmful to the health of the people who are living in this house. If you suspect mold in wet areas , or notice mold spots around the leaking faucet, you must call lifetime sewer and Drain professionals to fix the faucet and sort out sources of mold.


One thing that has been brought to light is that leaky faucets are detrimental not only to the family’s health but also carries potential financial impacts for the family. These issues can leave you in dire straits if left unrepaired. The hurdles as mentioned above can be solved by a reputed plumbing services drain cleaning company like lifetime sewer and drain. Money saved is money earned, so immediately contact lifetime sewer and drain to get your leaky faucet fixed at the right time.