Installation of drainage and water pipe is of top value in your house. It is a valuable water and sanitary conducting system we use daily. Fresh, pure, and clean water make its way into the drinking glass, cooking pots, and the bathtub.The most typical mistake committed while installing and repairing pipe is using weak material, and the icing on the cake is calling for an inexperienced plumber. The professionals from lifetime sewer and drain, will ensure that the correct material is used for pipes.We provide you with 24/7 quick and immediate service on just a single call.

Why replace the piping system?

● Cracks:

Cracks are visible and easy to spot damages to the piping system, even if the pipe is inside the floor or behind a wall. These cracks could be due to either poor quality material or temperature extremities, causing the water to soak the wall or seep underneath the ground. These cracks and breaches should be identified using ultra-sonic equipment and then replaced by good quality material.

● Leaks:

Leakage in the piping system is not necessarily due to only visible cracks, and can be a consequence of a misaligned joint or a faulty connection. A small and minor leak can turn into a visible and huge one when exposed to heavy water streaming and pressure over time. Pipe replacement is the best way to cope with minor leaks and breaches.

● Corrosion:

Pipelines are usually degraded by fluctuating environmental effects on the material they are made up of, i.e., steel, iron, and copper. These pipelines are coated with a protective layer at the time of installation. Still, the coating wears off with time and exposes the underneath metal to the surrounding humidity and moisture, which causes it to rust and corrode. Attempting to repair these pipes by using coating, or cathodic protection can cost an arm and a leg and still require a replacement in the future. Installing new pipelines can alleviate the stress and the mess caused by corroding pipes.

● Hazardous material:

The plumbing pipes are sometimes manufactured using toxic chemicals like lead and cast iron. When passed through plumbing lines these chemicals pose a hazard to health as lead is known to cause learning disabilities, kidney problems, and other health issues in children. The traces of metals coming off the pipelines can also lead to gastric problems, muscular abnormalities, and above all, a loss of peace of mind. Replacing old and primitive pipes with PVC pipes can save you from many health risks.

Benefits of pipe replacement

Installation and replacement of new pipelines can give your building a completely new taste. Pipe replacement has many benefits like:

● Building safety:

Trenchless and modern pipe replacement can save your buildings from the consequences of leaks and cracks in the pipes by avoiding the detrimental effects of water seeping, molds, and moisture, thus adding more life to your building.

● Stronger water pressure:

The diameter of the new pipeline is wide and straight. Replacing old pipes gives an instant boost to water pressure because the new pipeline is free from debris. The replacement pipeline will be corrosion-free, and the walls and joints are free from sediments. This allows a smooth flow of water with pressure to every corner of the house.

● Hygienic drinking water:

Substitution of lead pipes with non-lead pipes may lessen the risk of lead polluted water. Lead pipe replacement with PVC reduces health concerns and encourages a long healthy life for the plumbing system. New pipes are free from corrosion, and water channeling in them is free from flakes and traces of metals. The installation of new pipelines helps to eliminate metallic taste and decolorization of drinking water.


In conclusion plumbing pipes replacement is essential in maintaining the house and protecting your investment for a long time. It not only preserves the infrastructure but also keeps health concerns at bay. Lifetime sewers and drain is equipped with new technology to handle your pipe replacement needs. . We provide trenchless pipeline replacement avoiding the hassle of digging or damaging lawns while also serving as a cost effective solution.

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