Have you ever encountered a clogged and fettered drain? It’s the most recurring problem everyday in many houses. Clogged drains are a piece of cake to fix for the “lifetime sewer and drain.” We offer an immediate and rapid solution through a one call appointment. Our 24/7 service will never disappoint. Clogged drains, obstructed pipes, leaky faucets, fettered sinks, no matter what the issue is, lifetime sewer and drain has got you covered.

Plumbing fixtures are receptacles or container-type repositories that interact with the house’s piping system to maintain water flow and discharge. Most common plumbing fixtures include basins, bathtub, faucet, shower head, drinking fountains, terminal valves, etc. Many times issues are addressed by installing new plumbing fixtures or fixing the old ones; lifetime sewer and drain has an all in one service.

● Why new plumbing fixtures?

When it comes to maintaining a house, plumbing fixtures are usually low on the list of priorities. Fixtures like sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showerheads, and faucets are used daily and often need to be replaced to ensure proper functioning.

● Damage and worn-out fixtures:

Plumbing fixtures usually have a particular life depending upon the material they are made from. They begin to crack, lose their water holding capacity, and become leaky. Taps and faucets become rusty and corrode over time. Repairing them again and again typically costs more than replacing them with a new one. Lifetime sewers and drain can install new fixtures without costing you a pretty penny.

● Maintenance of water pressure:

Old and leaky fixtures, especially showerheads, fountains, and faucets, may have reduced water pressure problems. Low pressure and insufficient water indicates a new replacement may be better than repairing according to lifetime sewer and drain.

● Draining issues:

Old fixtures lose their ability to hold water and result in poor draining and clogged sinks and toilets. Cleaning these fixtures may not be the solution every time. Installing new fixtures relieves you from this kind of stress.

● Corrosion and molds:

Another red flag is the growth of molds and corrosion. Pipes and drains get rusty due to oxidation, and a warm and humid environment causes mold and mildews to inhabit within them. This raises health concerns and should immediately be replaced by new plumbing fixtures.

Benefits of new plumbing fixtures


● New life to your home:

Plumbing fixtures carry weight in house maintenance and crucial to the overall look of the house. Improperly installed and expired fixtures in need of maintenance can lead to catastrophic scenarios and an ugly look to the eye. New plumbing fixtures with matching color schemes and the latest design can add life to your house. They not only give a good feel but also can reduce monthly billing cost.

● Technology and lifestyle change:

Nowadays, the latest fixtures present modern looks and saves space with its compact design and built-in piping system. New fixtures come with a flexible piping system to be covered under cabinets etc., and are good value for money.

● Eco-friendly and green:

The latest plumbing fixtures are environment friendly and conserve water. They are fabricated to save energy and reduce billing costs, unlike old fixtures that use more water and contribute to sky-high bills.

● Peace of mind:

Getting your new plumbing fixtures installed at the right time before an inopportune disaster can save you from trouble. Clogged drains, rusty pipes leading to metal-contaminated water, and leaky fixtures can stress you out enough to a breaking point. New plumbing fixtures deliver your home with a freshness and peace of mind. Lifetime sewer and drain offers you expertly installed fixtures eliminating clogged drain problems, and reducing maintenance costs and responsibilities.

● Conclusion:

New plumbing fixtures are among the most important maintenance items in your home. Installing new fixtures can update the look and feel of your home , and ensure healthy enjoyment of the water system for years to come. The team of professionals at Lifetime Sewer and Drain is equipped to handle all of your plumbing fixture needs with just one call .

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