Having no hot water in colder months is a nightmare.

And that nightmare can come true so easily if an amateur botched one thing or another during the water heater installation. Such mistake can lead to a potential disaster, and leave you stranded without any hot water at a given moment.

Precautions To Be Taken During Water Installation Process:

Installation of water heater is a delicate and straight forward process. First off, you need to make sure that all the safety measures are being taken.

• For example, the location where the water heater is to be installed should be ventilated properly.

• If you are living in a place that frequently gets hit by earthquake, you might want to consider investing into special restraints for the water heater to prevent any damage from seismic activity. Not only that, the heaters and tanks should be anchored down to prevent any explosion or fire when the debris falls.

• Installing a drip line, pan and sediments can protect the machine.

• Scheduling the water turn off regularly can help in the maintenance.

• Mount a pressure regulating valve is a good idea when your home’s water pressure is above 80 psi.

What Happens During The Water Heater Installation?

In The Case Of New Installation:

Turning Off The Water:

Before anything can happen, the water is turned off from the main supply to avoid any water related mishap. Otherwise, your house will be flooded while the connections are being made.

Making Connections:

The next thing to be done is to make attachments of the cold and hot water lines to ensure the passage of both temperature water.

Filing The Tank:

Next step on the list is to fill up the water tank and check for any potential water leakage so that it would be caught early.

Making Connections, Again:

But this time, the tank has to be connected with the power supply. If it is gas water heater, then the gas lines are connected with the tank along with the flue and the runoff tube.

Turning On The Tank:

Now its time to turn on the tank. All that is left is the relighting of pilot light, and you are finished.

And In The Case Of Replacement:

Actually, the process runs reverse from the new installation. First of all, the water is closed from the mains, then all the lines of hot and cold water along with the flue is disconnected with the tank. The gas line is also removed to separate the tank, and now, it’s time for draining the water from the tank. Now that everything is separated, the old water heater can be removed and replaced by the newer model. Another thing that differentiate both processes is that in the case of replacement, the plumber has to keep an eye out for any old malfunctioning part that might need replacement too, or simple repair.

Now that you know what happens in the process, here is a list of reasons why you should consider getting your water heater installed by qualified professionals.

Why Should You Hire A Professional To Get Your Water Heater Installed? And Why Choose LifeTime Sewers And Drains For This?

Getting a water heater installed for the first time or even as a replacement is not an easy job. Here is why you should consider calling us for doing this job.

Not A Job For An Amateur:

Plumbing work might not seem like it, but it is delicate, especially when you are installing something like a water heater. If you get it done by an unreliable or inexperienced person, chances are that the whole operation will be botched even before you get to the installation part. LifeTime Sewers and Drains employee the best qualified and experienced plumbers that the field has to offer, who will discuss and plan the whole job with you before doing anything.

Get It Done In Time:

LifTime Sewers and Drains pride itself on providing the best quality services in a timely manner. You won’t have the need to call us again and again, the plumbers will reach you on time, and the whole process will be over before you know it.

Test Running Will Be Done:

Our plumbers are highly qualified for the job, and have enough experience to run diagnostics and test runs on the water system before it is ready for your use. After test run, they will check the whole system to make it sure that everything is working fine, and there won’t be a problem later on the water heater is operational. And if they do find a problem, they will start working on it right away to minimize the malfunctions.

Go For Reliability And Safety:

When you are getting your water heater installed, you are essentially allowing strangers to enter your home and tinker with your plumbing system. There is a bit of the fear in your mind. Well, you can cast away that fear and just relax, as our plumbers are certified with solid track record, and they use the proper equipment and follow all the safety regulations to give you and your family a peace of mind.

Save Your Money:

If you hire a self-employed plumber, chances are that you will be charged more than job demands. In fact, there is a sure possibility that you will be ripped off, as they can demand the money for even coming to your home.
Even compared to other companies, LifeTime Sewers and Drains offer more affordable rates with discounts for recurring clients.

Call Us Back:

Familiarity breeds trust, and we have always tried to retain the trust of our returning and loyal customers. LifeTime Drains and Sewers pride itself over its satisfied client base that is growing day by day.

At The End:

All you have to do is to book our services and discuss your preferences for the installation location, and we will take the problems off your hands.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to make an appointment to get benefitted from our services.

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